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Cyber security for insurance
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shield Up?
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Shield Up is a cybersecurity assessment & remediation portal designed to help applicants easily understand and meet carrier cybersecurity requirements. Whether you’re a new applicant or already have a policy, you'll be able to quickly close gaps in your security program with helpful guidance and integrated solutions.

Once the assessment is completed, evidence of your cybersecurity program is seamlessly submitted to underwriters, proving that requirements are met. And by joining the Shield Up program when you apply, you’ll unlock great policy enhancements and cost savings for your business.

What policy enhancements come with Shield Up?
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Applicants that join the Shield Up program and complete the assessment receive meaningful policy enhancements like:

  • Up to a 9% discount on their premiums
  • Expanded coverage on items like lost revenue recovery, contractor breaches, invoice manipulation, non-company owned equipment and more
  • Triage support in the event of a suspected cyber-breach

All of this, and access to award-winning cybersecurity tools that will ensure your cyber program is approval-ready.

What is Havoc Shield?
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Havoc Shield is Shield Up's cybersecurity program and assessment partner. They supply helpful information, tools, and guidance on fulfilling your policy's cybersecurity requirements. You're able to complete all of the requirements of Shield Up on your own, but if you would like an underwriting pre-approved solution to fulfilling any unmet requirement, Havoc Shield's solutions are offered to you within the Shield Up platform.

Use of Havoc Shield accelerates the work needed to meet requirements, speeds up renewals, and protects your company with an affordable cybersecurity program that complements your policy.

I need more info. How can I get in touch?
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For information or questions on your policy, please contact your broker. 

If you have questions or need help with the Shield Up platform or meeting the cybersecurity requirements, you can book a free consultation with our partners at Havoc Shield using the calendar below.