Completion of the Shield Up program can qualify you to remove restrictive policy provisions!

Verify your information security controls, remediate any issues, Get help on your questions, all online.

Scan & Plan

We'll initiate a quick and free scan of your company's presence on the web, and build you a customized plan designed to reduce the demands on your time, and your team.

Plain Language Requirements

You'll see simple, plain-language requirements we have in order to process your policy's upgrade while improving your cyber security stature.

Immediate help filling gaps

If you need help fulfilling any of the ShieldUp requirements, our integrated cybersecurity partner can make tackling them a breeze without waiting.

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What is Shield Up?

Shield Up is a resource for our cyber insurance clients and applicants to bolster your information security stature, protecting your organization, while easily verifying you meet the requirements of our program in order to remove restrictive provisions on your policy.

This program allows you to understand these requirements, verify existing controls you've already met, and get immediate professional help with the controls you still need help fulfilling.

Frequently asked questions

What is Shield Up?

Shield Up is a cybersecurity assessment & remediation portal for bound insurance clients and applicants to easily understand & meet carrier cybersecurity requirements. For both pre-bind Applicants & post-bind Insureds, you'll will be able to quickly close gaps in your security program with education, guidance, and integrated solutions.

When you've already fulfilled requirements, you can seamlessly submit evidence to underwriters in order to prove that requirements are met and become eligible for more favorable policy provisions.

Who is Havoc Shield?

Havoc Shield is Shield Up's cybersecurity program and assessment partner. They supply helpful information, tools, and guidance on fulfilling your policy's cybersecurity requirements. You're able to complete all of the requirements of Shield Up on your own, but if you would like an underwriting pre-approved solution to fulfilling any unmet requirement, Havoc Shield's solutions are offered to you within the Shield Up platform.

Use of Havoc Shield accelerates the work needed to meet requirements, speeds renewals, and protects your company with an affordable cybersecurity program that compliments your policy.

I need more info. How can I get in touch?

For information or questions on your policy, please contact your broker. If you have questions or need help with the Shield Up platform or meeting the cybersecurity requirements, you can book a free consultation with our partners at Havoc Shield using the calendar below.